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Synergised Techniques:

Powerful Performance.

Knowledge-based preparation toward positive experiences in audition, recital, and stage work.


Workshop Goals.

Stretching, body work for singing and core support and freedom of movement. Postural alignment; Suzuki Theatre technique exercise; voice/face integration and coordination toward building powerful performance.


The Singergetic Workshops are “putting-into-practice” exercises for singing, dance and theatre, that are
synergized into a coordinated performance power.

It is a get-involved experience for singers of all levels and ranges of experience. The Workshop is also an opportunity for members of a workshop class to experience working together without judgment and self-editing that inhibits performance power and the ability of each singing-actor to reach their highest potential. Students need permission to create, to experiment, and to play-and this workshop harnesses those instincts.


Workshop Sessions.

The Singergetic Workshop has two different and distinct formats that can easily expand to three, four, or five-depending on the number of days in residence.


Most common is the Friday late afternoon or evening Singergetic Workshop of working together dressed down - ready for Yoga, Pilates, Tai-Chi, Suzuki (theatre techniques), and scene improv.


The next morning (Saturday in this format) would be either a dramatic interactive coaching, or an audition workshop, with four students coaching four arias in 90 minutes (20 minutes per singer + introduction and closing).


These sessions are fun and creative, but also emphasize the preparation needed by each singer before performing in order to harness the synergy of performance power.


Additional sessions: could be working with a pre-rehearsed scene, or even staging of a scene for future performance. More sessions could include private coaching sessions as well as working with dramatic coaching with choral groups. This has been done successfully at Chico State University in California; Western Oregon University; University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Texas Tech University in Lubbock;

Upcoming Singergetic Workshops
at a University near you.

Singergetic Workshops since 2002.

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