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Singergetic Workshops Since 2002.

Dr. Clark has presented Singergetic Workshops in the following Universities and Educational Institutions:

NATS Regional, Mid-Atlantic; The University of Maryland

NATS Regional, Southern; Southeast University, LA

NATS Regional, Tex-oma; Texas Tech University

NATS Regional, Tex-oma; University of Texas El Paso

OperaMaya, Tulum, Mexico

Pepperdine University, Heidelberg, Germany Program

CCM in Lucca, Italy

Music in the Marche, Mondavio, Italy

University of Kansas

Kansas State University

Naples Performing Art Center, FL

Chico State

Western Oregon University

University of Washington, Seattle

Willamette University, OR

Portland State University

Sacramento State University

Colorado State University

Ohio Wesleyan University

Wheaton College

Emory University

Berry College

Georgia Southern University

University of North Carolina in Greensboro

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