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"When the whole is greater
than the sum of the parts".

What Singergetics means.

Singergetics is a play on the word Synergy, which is defined as “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts”.


When the “parts,” in this case being - the voice; the facial expression and dramatic intent; movement, staging, gestures - are working together for the “whole”, then the result is “powerful performance”, following the teachings of Wesley Balk.


Less Fear. More Confidence.

The exercises feature this coordination of voice / face / body that allow the young singer/actor freedom to express and create without tension or fear. These workshops help to build confidence - while they are also grounded in solid preparation that comes from study of the music, the language, and the dramatic context.


The workshops are an excellent way for all of the NATS student-and faculty participants to bond, and have some creative fun while learning about the singing/acting art that they study.

Dr. Mark Ross Clark explores posture with students.

Dr. Mark Ross Clark

Presenter of Singergetics Workshops

Upcoming Singergetic Workshops
at a University near you.

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